The Kent Contract Coalition desires to hold Kent County Commission Candidates better accountable with this Kent County Contract.  This Contract intends to incorporate and uphold all rights and liberties provided by our United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Michigan Constitution. We recognize the role of local government, while vital in its community, must not usurp the individual rights or authority of the governed. As citizens seeking elected office in Kent County, we establish this Contract with Kent County (CWKC) for the people of Kent County, Michigan. Our cause is to secure our rightful liberties for ourselves and future generations, while maintaining trust between the People and their elected representatives.
Our Governing Principles are derived from founding documents noted above, emphasizing freedom of speech and association, religious liberty, limited government, individual responsibility, justice governed by law, truth, and due process. We include the legal right and responsibility of parents to direct the custody, care, jurisdiction and upbringing of our children.
As an elected official in Kent County I will:
Honor the principles as stated to govern in an efficient, prudent and methodical manner. I will respect all people equally, rejecting any and all ideology that segregates people or makes reference to treating them differently. I will protect all citizens their rightful freedoms to make individual decisions regarding self, family, business, school, and church. I will act in accordance with due process in a courageous, committed and sensible manner, in all decisions and practices while in my elected role.
Guard against state and federal overreach in relation to education (school choice), social justice, CRT, and transgender theory (any derivatives/alternate names) or any other divisive ideology driven iterations.
Support the 2nd Amendment and passing of a Constitutional Carry resolution.
Support county resolutions that maintain all civil liberties and ensure they will not be diminished at any time, for any reason outside the legislative process.
Establish, support, and maintain county resolutions that require county information to be public by default.
Support removing Kent County from the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) and Michigan Public Health Institute (MPHI) membership. Support ending promotion and use of Planned Parenthood and any aligned resources (including all related organizations/materials) to public educational facilities within Kent County.
Support accountable and transparent government where elected officials at the most local level possible make decisions.  Support County and State rules and law changes which ensure good governance that represents all citizens.

Respecting the judgement of citizens, I seek their mandate to restore trust and freedom by signing the Contract with Kent County. I understand that by violating this contract, I will have lost both the trust and the endorsement of the citizens I represent, as well as the Kent County Coalition. I further understand that violation of this contract will result in a strong and deliberate effort to remove me from my position and replace me with a more dedicated and unwavering candidate.

To see which candidates have signed this contract, visit the Verified Candidates page.